Passionate preachers, the top chefs of the Hyatt restaurants have opened their kitchen doors just for us, letting us in on their secrets. Scroll down to discover what's cooking for the New Year.

Christian Sinicropi

Chef at Grand Hyatt Cannes Martinez

Christian Sinicropi

Is there a dish that you could never say no to?

I prefer certain foods more than others—like seafood.
Christian Sinicropi

What is your favourite view of Paris?

Notre Dame de Paris without a doubt.

If Paris were a dish, in your opinion, what dish would it be?

Rather than a dish, I think Paris would be the “bovine movement”—three different variations of bovine meat: beef bone marrow, veal sweetbread and veal confit.
Christian Sinicropi

If you could choose any place (with a view) to set up your kitchen, where would it be?

Villa Santo Sospir, Jean Cocteau's house located in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on the French Riviera. Jean Cocteau was a famous French poet, artist and filmmaker. Villa Santo Sospir is a house full of art and history with wonderful views over the Mediterranean.

The craziest place you've ever eaten at?

Villa Santo Sospir.
Christian Sinicropi

Your detox recipe for January?

Minced prawns with lemon pulp, cucumber, radish, Combava zest and a drizzle of marjoram oil.

What's your advice to start the year?

Simply to be at peace with yourself.
Christian Sinicropi

THE ingredient of 2015?

It won't be just one ingredient but a “back to the basics” philosophy.

The dish that will embody 2015?

More than just a dish, I think it'll be the spider crab cooked in three different ways.
Christian Sinicropi

If you could cook for just one person, who would it be?

Jean Cocteau, Dali, Picasso, Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Andy Warhol, Futura 2000, Steph Cop, Alëxone, Moya, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Queen of England.