Passionate preachers, the top chefs of the Hyatt restaurants have opened their kitchen doors just for us, letting us in on their secrets. Scroll down to discover what's cooking for the New Year.

Patrick Charvet

Chef at the Hôtel Hyatt Paris Madeleine

Patrick Charvet

Is there a dish that you could never say no to?

The seafood parillada accompanied by a white Bandol wine at Terre Brune. It's unforgettable and addictive.
Patrick Charvet

What is your favourite view of Paris?

Definitely Sacré Coeur! It's a mythic, romantic place that is the perfect image of the City of Light at nightfall.

If Paris were a dish, in your opinion, what dish would it be?

Coquillettes pasta with ham, alpine comté cheese and black truffle. A traditional Parisian dish: gourmet, unusual and deliciously regressive. It's a choice that recalls childhood emotions with delight and nostalgia, enhanced by the truffle.

View from Hyatt Paris Madeleine
Patrick Charvet

If you could choose any place (with a view) to set up your kitchen, where would it be?

After thinking about it, I'd choose Mont Valérien and its magical view of Paris, which looks a bit like New York when La Défense is lit up.

The craziest place you've ever eaten at?

The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. It is, in my opinion, the liveliest seafood market in the world and is ideal for exploring the extraordinary range of fish and seafood in Japanese cuisine.
Patrick Charvet

Your detox recipe for January?

Sometimes after partying, one feels unwell and would kill for something fresh and light. This feeling inspired me to create the mango-passion-citrus dessert, “100% detox,” that invites you to float away in total bliss. The exotic, fruity mango meets the tart flavours of citrus and passion fruit and everything is topped with a refreshing lemon sorbet. The result is a colourful plate full of vitamins that brightens up your winter.

What's your advice to start the year?

Be zen and keep smiling.
Patrick Charvet

THE ingredient of 2015?

Without a doubt honey— and 100% homemade, please! For example, take the honey at the Hyatt Paris Madeleine: floral, perfumed and perfect for any sweet-and-savoury creation, desserts or sweet treats to accompany a thé gourmand.

The dish that will embody 2015?

Burrata from Puglia, toasted brioche and truffle cream. It's the Rolls Royce of dairy. The sweetness and tenderness of the burrata juxtaposed with the intense, savage truffle, all enhanced by a luxurious slice of toasted, buttered brioche— it's a magical contrast in the game of textures and flavours.
Patrick Charvet

If you could cook for just one person, who would it be?

I would certainly choose “The Lady” Aung San Suu Kyi because she's an emblem of peace and her engagement and strong character deserve all the attention in the world.