La Croisette doesn't have a monopoly on beautiful long walks hand-in-hand, and passionate love stories aren't limited to movie screens. Don't believe us? We have three ways to prove it.

illu point 1
Pamper Yourself From Your Bed
Wake up and fall asleep with the sea. Repeat. Repeat again. And again. The puffs of iodized air constantly transport you to a far-away place, so we understand if you decide to cut yourself off from the world to spend the whole day in your room with a view. More specifically, your room with a view FROM THE BED. There lies the resplendent Mediterranean, with the sly Esterel mountains peering in from the background. Your heart beats faster. Come on, take it all in. Savour it.

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Get Closer To The Sun
Love is not calculated or premeditated. It comes from an unseen street corner, just like that, in a happy moment of chance. But if you want to be sure that it's real, climb to the top of the Suquet hill as day dwindles. Continue to the very top, until you reach the place de Castre where the sun parades around the sky. Once you've arrived, find a bench and sit down. We won't say any more than that. Shhh.

A bench at place de la Castre, Cannes
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Lunch With Your Feet In The Water
How does one make bouillabaisse, a French fish stew, seductive? It's not an easy question. The only answer is to carefully choose the place where you'll eat it. Head to the bay of Golfe-Juan, only 6 km away from Cannes. There, ease your feet into the hot sand and order your meal. On the horizon the Iles de Lérins and the Cap d'Antibes flirt openly. And you, under your beach hat, wink mischievously at your sidekick.

Les deux bouillabaisses de Golfe-Juan
Bld des Frères Roustan, Golfe Juan